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Property Taxes in Krabi

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Well if you don’t know by now the property tax reduction has come to and end. There was much talk about extending it to beyond the global crisis but the Thai government had been taking a tax beating with the loss of all the money in order to keep the

Krabi Lawyers : Thailand Lawyers

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If you are looking at buying property in Krabi, obtaining a Thai visa for Thailand, getting married in Krabi or registering your wedding. No matter what the legal issue it is that you might have we at Siam Legal with offices in all major cities in Thailand are you to

Property Tax Breaks in Thailand

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When the global economy went South the Thai government had instituted new tax breaks in the property market to keep it going. These tax breaks not only provided a benefit to Thais but also to foreigners. Buying property in Krabi took on a new meaning a year ago when the

Getting Married in Krabi

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Getting married in Krabi is very popular in Thailand. Many westerns also decide to tie the knot in Krabi as the location is one of the best Thailand has to offer you. Registering you marriage in Krabi can be complex. Once you have had your wedding in Krabi you would

Thailand Marriage Visa

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The Thai Marriage Visa is a visa issued to anyone who is married to a Thai citizen. This visa is valid for 3 months however can be extended to one year if you are looking at staying in Thailand long term. If you are married to a Thai citizen you

Thailand Tourist Visa

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Obtaining a tourist visa  is easier than any other visa in Thailand. The tourist visa is also the most used Thai Visa that is issued by the Thai Embassy. What are the limits and uses of a tourist visa. The tourist visa is issued at a Thai Embassy  for the

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