Getting Married in Krabi

Getting Married in KrabiGetting married in Krabi is very popular in Thailand. Many westerns also decide to tie the knot in Krabi as the location is one of the best Thailand has to offer you. Registering you marriage in Krabi can be complex. Once you have had your wedding in Krabi you would need to register your wedding abroad. Most times it tends to be a wedding between two foreigners.

Now if both of you are from the same country it is easier as there will not be visa issues afterwards. Once you have married you now need to go to Bangkok to obtain a letter from your respective Embassies to state that you are both single and able to marry. The this called a Letter of Affirmation and is usually issued the following day from the Embassy once you have filled in the forms for it. If you are divorced you need a certified copy of your divorce decree or is a widow or widower you will need a death certificate of your last spouse. These the Embassy would want – that is ALL Embassies would want those documents.

Once you have this Letter of Affirmation you would need to take the letter and your documents to the Thailand Department of Foreign Affairs. There they will validate the letter from the Embassy. It usually take a day to have this done so if you want to do it yourself. Take loads of reading material with to offset the long wait. Once this has been issued, you will get your letter back and on the rear it will state that the documents have been verified. Take all these documents now down to the Amphurs office. This is a district office and this is where you register your wedding. It usually takes 30 minutes to obtain your wedding certificate and now you are legally married in Thailand.

If you and your new wife are not from the same country you might need to apply for a  for the UK or a K3 Visa for the US. This depends on where you are going and what your nationalities are. If you have any further questions, ask us online or call our toll-free US and UK numbers to speak to an attorney who would be able to assist you now. There is no charge for this conversation or online chat so make use of it.

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