Superficies in Thailand

Superficies in Thailand. Thailand’s property ownership landscape can be complex, and the concept of “superficies” adds another layer to consider. While foreigners can own condominiums and leaseholds, freehold land ownership remains restricted. Superficies, however, offers a potential solution for foreigners seeking a more long-term interest in Thai land.

What is Superficies?

Superficies, in Thai legal terms, refers to the right to build and own structures (buildings, houses) on land owned by another person. The land itself remains the property of the original owner, but the superficies right grants the superficies holder ownership of the building or structure erected on it.

Benefits of Superficies:

  • Long-Term Ownership: Superficies agreements typically last for decades, often 30 or 90 years, providing a long-term interest in the property.
  • Flexibility: The agreement can be structured to allow for extensions or even the sale of the superficies right to another party.
  • Potential for Investment: Superficies can be a valuable asset, allowing you to develop and own the structure on the land.

Things to Consider:

  • Land Ownership: You don’t own the land itself, but only the structures built on it.
  • Negotiations: The terms of the agreement, including the duration and fees, are subject to negotiation with the landowner.
  • Termination: The agreement can be terminated upon expiry or under specific circumstances outlined in the contract.

Is Superficies Right for You?

Superficies can be a viable option for foreigners seeking a long-term connection to a property in Thailand. However, it’s crucial to carefully consider the following:

  • Your Needs: Evaluate how long you plan to stay in Thailand and how you intend to use the property.
  • Financial Implications: Understand the associated costs, including registration fees, annual ground rent, and potential maintenance responsibilities.
  • Legal Expertise: Seek advice from a qualified Thai lawyer specializing in property law to ensure the agreement is properly drafted and protects your interests.


Superficies presents an intriguing opportunity for foreigners in Thailand’s property market. By understanding the benefits and limitations, consulting with legal professionals, and carefully structuring the agreement, superficies can provide a secure and valuable long-term interest in Thai land.

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