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Krabi - Thai ImmigrationIf you are visiting Krabi or if you wish to retire in Krabi then you will need to know where the Thai immigration office is located in Krabi. Note that this is where your marriage visa or retirement visa is extended and also where you do your 90 day reporting. The immigration in Krabi will also extend a tourist visa and issue a re-entry permit if you have a 12 months visa.

Thai Immigration Krabi

Amphoe Mueang
Changwat Krabi


Tourist Visa

You can extend your tourist visa at Krabi immigration for 30 days at a cost of 1,900 THB. You can then extend it one last time depending on your nationality for another 7 days or 10 days for another 1,9000 THB.

90 Day Reporting

If you have a 12 month extended marriage visa or retirement visa then you have to report your address to Thai immigration in Krabi every 3 months. Failure to report is a 2,000 THB fine and may be an issue when you next try to renew your visa.

Re-Entry Permits

If you have an extended Thai visa be it a Thai “O” visa or a Thai “O-A” visa then you will need a re-entry permit before you leave Thailand or your visa will be invalid when you return to Thailand. Call Thai immigration in Krabi if you are not certain if you require a re-entry permit or not.


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